Macabbi GB have put together some highlights from the Yellow Candle project 2020. A snippet from the article is below but please click on the link to read more…

Yellow Candle Report

Maccabi GB lights up the Community online on Yom HaShoah with 50,000 Yellow Candles

Thank you for being a part of the Yellow Candle Project 2020.

Four weeks on from Yom HaShoah we wanted to share some highlights of the project with you.

            • 50,000 candles distributed across the community
            • Yellow Candle promotional video had over 140,000 socials engagements
            • 270 cross-communal organisations took part in the Project On the eve of Yom HaShoah
            • #yellowcandle trended 2nd on Twitter
            • There were over 25,042 tweets from the 19th – 21st April about Yellow Candle
            • Over 540,000 people have viewed the Yom HaShoah UK live ceremony across the world
            • Over 100 people took part in an online Yellow Candle lighting ceremony

Click on the link below to read more: