As part of the new strategic plan of Masorti Judaism, they are beginning the process of developing a UK Masorti siddur! This would be the first of its kind, and it would address a common issue among all  the Masorti communities – whether to use a Masorti siddur that is not British (Siddur Sim Shalom, for example) or a Baritish siddur that is not Masorti (for instance, the Daily Authorised Prayerbook). We have a team in place and plan to aim for a prototype, based on the Shabbat morning service, that can be used and tested in our Masorti UK communities from Summer 2023.

In order to begin developing the prototype siddur Masorti Judaism now need your input! What size should it be? Colour or black and white? What translation styles do you love? (and, which do you hate?) Rabbi Adam Zagoria-Moffet, who has produced several siddurim from scratch previously, will be leading this new project, and wants to speak to your community to learn what is most important to them.

Please contact the shul office by 24 June if you are interested in contributing towards this, as they are running a one hour session on Zoom with Rabbi Adam to listen to feedback.

NEMS Exec.