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New Essex Masorti Synagogue is a warm and vibrant community where everyone is welcome to enjoy and participate in traditional Judaism. 

We promote an inclusive approach to Jewish life, values and customs and recognise the role of both men and women. 

Alongside our services we have a great programme of social events and we welcome the active involvement of children in the life of our community.

Since 1986, we have created a special sense of family and communal belonging and are proud that we have a distinctively friendly community, where everyone counts, all are welcome and many great friendships have been made. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.



NEMS has a co-operative executive rather than a traditionally chair led shul – we are always delighted when members come up with new ideas to engage and support our community.


Children’s Services

Normally, our children’s services are the first Shabbat of every month starting at 11.00am but obviously this has not been possible during Covid. Please look out for updates here and in the synagogue newsletter for information on children’s services restarting.

The children’s services are fun, interactive and informative, led by parents of our community and supported by Noam – the youth section of Masorti Judaism. 



Noam is the Youth Movement for Masorti Judaism. We work with young people ages 4-18 and empower our young people through engaging programming, fun activities and our leadership training programmes. Noam has 5 ideological branches – Masorti Judaism, Zionism, Kehilla (community), Hagshama Atzmit (self fulfilment/ development) and Gimilut Chasadim (Acts of Loving Kindness). These five branches run through all our programming and activities. Find our more at noam.org.uk



Dr Josh Plaut, a member of the Association of Reform and Liberal Mohalim, is available to conduct brit milah/circumcision for members of Masorti communities. Josh can be contacted via his website: joshplaut.co.uk


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Tel: 07922 090180

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Office hours: Monday 1.30pm - 6.30pm

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