A Message from the Rabbis & Chazanim on the Issue of Streaming Services

Please see the message below from the Masorti rabbinic/cantorial team on the issue of streaming for the High Holydays.

“Masorti Judaism’s clergy team is carefully considering the recent responsum from the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards (CJLS) of the Rabbinical Assembly in the US, with particular respect to the use of technology on High Holydays. Though the rabbinical team has always taken close account of the decisions of the CJLS, it has never been bound by them and, like the Israeli Masorti Rabbinate, constitutes an independent unit with its own Bet Din. The clergy team are also discussing the responsum with European colleagues.

“Important issues are involved which need to be given thoughtful consideration. All members of the team are deeply committed to the observance of Shabbat and Yom Tov according to halakhah, as well as to caring for their congregations, communally, emotionally and spiritually. They expect to have a full response by late June.

“In the meantime, the clergy team is working on plans to make the best and most engaging offering it can across and beyond all our communities over the High Holydays. This will include personal contact wherever possible, the dissemination of written study and reflective materials, the provision of whatever in-person services can be prudently provided and allowed by September, along with online study, discussions and prayers.”

We will update this information as we receive it.