Welcome to New Essex Masorti Synagogue


The NEMS executive are delighted to announce that we are now back at SWESRS and Shabbat services have recommenced. The renovations are now completed and NEMS have a dedicated room inside the main building on the first floor which is accessible to all, with a brand new lift and a disabled toilet for our use.

Shabbat services will now be taking place fortnightly until Covid restrictions are fully lifted. Dates and booking information can be found here.

We hope to see you both online and in person very soon.



Dear Friends,

I hope you’re all well. 

While restrictions on meeting up are still in place, we remain united, perhaps even more united, in our awareness of our shared humanity and what we are collectively confronting. We can take notice. Even more notice than usual – of how our friends, family, and community members are doing.

In line with the Government’s directive, I won’t be able to attend actual services for a while. But we won’t cease to be a community. There are other ways to connect:

You can contact the synagogue on nemasorti@hotmail.com or 07922 090180 if it’s not urgent.

Janet Kogan will be helping us stay in touch with one another.  Email janet.kogan9@gmail.com if you need help. She will match you up with other members of the community who will call for a chat or may be able to offer practical assistance. 

You can contact me by email, RabbiZahavit@nnls-masorti.org.uk by or by phone 07815 776435 and on Facebook.

And please do join us on Thursday nights at 7.30pm (only for weeks when there isn’t a Synagogue service on Shabbat) for a short online Ma’ariv (evening) service to include Mourner’s Kaddish and a memorial prayer for those who are remembering loved ones. Everyone is invited to dial in but especially the following people who have yahrzeit this week. Look out for dates in the NEMS newsletter.

I will also be producing weekly emails and also a short recorded Dvar Torah on Facebook which I’ll share on the NEMS community Facebook page here.

Warmest wishes

Rabbi Zahavit 



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Modern Traditional Judaism

New  Essex Masorti Synagogue is a warm & vibrant community, where anyone is welcome to enjoy and participate in traditional Judaism. We promote an inclusive approach to Jewish life, values and customs, recognise the role of both men and women, and welcome the active involvement of children in the life of our community.

For 30 years, we have created a special sense of family and communal belonging and are proud that we have a distinctively friendly community, where everyone counts, all are welcome and many great friendships have been made.

We have long believed that our community should be the logical and comfortable home for most traditional Jews and their families.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community and to you experiencing the warmth of Modern Traditional Judaism with us.

Tel: 07922 090180

Email: nemasorti@hotmail.com

Office hours: Monday 1.30pm – 6.30pm

Emails & messages are checked out of office hours.